Sunset Villa Association

To participate in the AGM, you must have a 2021 Membership. Please renew your 2021 Membership in advance by May 14, 2021 to ensure processing before the AGM.

​​​Call for 2021 Board of Directors nominations

  • The Board of Sunset Villa Association consists of 9 directors, elected by Sunset Villa Association Members. Usually, four or five directors are elected each year.
  • As we did not hold an AGM last year, all 9 Board positions are up for election this year, for either 1 or 2 year terms.  
  • If the future of Sunset Villa is important to you and your family, please consider joining the Board as a Director or Committee Member. Learn more about Joining the Board.
  • Board Nominations: If you would like to nominate a Member or yourself, please submit a Nomination form by Fri. May 14, 2021 to the Secretary.
  • If you can't attend in person, you can still participate by completing a Proxy form for another Member to represent you. Submit the completed form to the Secretary.

​​Date & Time:  Sunday, May 30, 2021, 2 p.m.​​

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM), we will report on the Association's recent activities and financial results. We will also present By-law 7 for discussion and Membership vote. 

This is your opportunity to ask questions of the current Board and elect the new Board of Directors. You can submit questions in advance by email to

We will conduct the AGM virtually on Zoom to observe Public Health recommendations. You can participate online via computer.
ZOOM Invitation: To receive the ZOOM meeting instructions, please email the Secretary by Tues. May 25.

Meeting Documents

Please use your 2021 Membership password to open and download the AGM Meeting documents:

2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Sun. May 30, 2021 - 2 p.m.

We invite you to attend the Sunset Villa Association Annual General Meeting.

Your participation is not only greatly appreciated but required -- We can't do this without you! 

Sunset Villa Membership form


 SUNDAY, May 30th 2021, 2 p.m

1.   Call to Order/Welcome – Monica Jensen
2.   Members in Attendance – Quorum
3.   Approval of the Agenda – Additions
4.   Approval of the 2019 AGM Minutes
5.   Business arising from Minutes
6.   Approval of the Financials for 2019
7.   Approval of the Financials for 2020
8.   Approval of the Directors reports
9.    By-Law changes
10.  Call for Nominations to the Board
         9 positions are available
11.  Questions/Comments from Members –
         Maximum 2 minutes each member
12.  Election of Scrutineers
13.  Election of Directors
         5 for 2 year term and 4 for 1 year term
14.  Election of 2 Financial Reviewers
15.  New Business
16.  Volunteer of the Year
 17. Adjourned