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Hansen's Bakery will have Danish breads, pastries (while supplies last), candies (licorice, marcipan) and Danish imports available. Visit them under Apt. 9. Pay by cash or cheque.

 ​The Sunset Villa Butik Gift shop will be open.

​​Please note: We will not have Smørrebrød this Sunday as we are still looking for a new Restaurant operator for The Danish Place. Click here for more information.  

Your co-operation in wearing a mask and socially distancing is appreciated.

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Annual General Membership (AGM) Meeting

We are planning on holding a Members meeting Sunday, May 30, 2021, 2 p.m.

The meeting format (Virtual or in-person) will be decided closer to the Meeting date. We will comply with the COVID19 safety regulations in place on that date.

Read more on the Annual General Meeting page.  

We will review previous years activities, elect Board directors and have a Question & Answer segment. We look forward to Members participating.

Baker's Sunday 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

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Fastelavn 2021

In an ordinary year, we would celebrate Fastelavn on Sunday, Feb. 14, as we have in many years past. 

Fastelavn is a uniquely Scandinavian event preceding the start of Lent. In Denmark, Fastelavn is a bit like Halloween - Kids dress up and knock on doors, they sing a song that if they don’t get Fastelavnboller (a delicious custard fill bun) they will cause trouble, and they Beat the Barrel. Danes used to put a real black cat in a barrel and beat it until the cat ran away, to safeguard against bad luck. 

In years past at Sunset Villa, volunteers built 2 or 3 barrels called Fastelavnstønde, we then filled with candy and a cat doll. Kids (of all ages) swung until the barrel was broken and candy spilled out. We would crown the King and Queen of Cats. Then we would warm up with hot chocolate and treats and decorate twigs (Fastelavnsris). Lastly, the kids would parade to show off their Fastelavnsris and costumes. Hope to do this again next year.


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