Entertainment Director &Secretary: 

Pernille Jorgensen

Email: secretary.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Restaurant Liaison Director:

Jennifer Higgins

Email: jenhiggins@live.ca

Communications Director:

Laura Qusen

Email: communications.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Parks Director:

Glenn Sorensen
Email: vikingdane444@gmail.com

Maintenance, Fire & Safety, Water & Sewage Director:

Benny Beck

IT Support:
Mary Healy

Email: communications.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Internal Financial Reviewers: 

  • Johnny Larsen
  • Rick Rowan


President, By-laws & Rules

Lisa Olsen

Phone: 416-278-4817
Email: lisaolsen@ymail.com​

Vice President, Campground & Tenant Liaison

Monica Jensen​
Phone: 416-757-6757
Email: campground.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Finance Director:

Kirsten Skafte
Email: finances.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Membership & Insurance Director:

Herman Glemser
​Email: membership.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

Camp Master

Christiane Gruhn

Phone: 386 -212-9766

Email:  chgruhn11@gmail.com

Planning Committee Chair:

Hans Winther

Email: planning.sunsetvilla@outlook.com


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