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Planning Committee Presentation

Click these images to read the Planning Committee Interim Report and their AGM Presentation.

Next Steps

  • Spring / Summer 2019 - The Interim Report is posted here for comments, suggestions and critique from our Members. 
  • Fall - Planning Committee will present revised Plan to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • 2020 - Target to start implementing the approved programs from the Long Term Plan.

Interim Report for Discussion - Help shape our future

The Sunset Villa Planning Committee produced an Interim Report for discussion and feedback from Members. Hans Winther, the Committee Chairperson presented an overview at the April 28, 2019 Annual General Meeting.​

Committee Mission Statement

Provide a way forward to sustain the long-term viability of Sunset Villa Association in terms of relevance and economics.

Current Situation

  • The original driving force was for Danes and those with a strong Danish connection (marriage, etc.) to have a place to connect in Southern Ontario and share experiences, heritage, culture and social interaction in a new country.
  • Additionally, housing for Danes were to be provided for those retiring.
  • This is still the mandate, but in the intervening 70 years this segment is waning (reduced immigration, aging membership).
  • While the current percentage of “Danish and Danish-linked” members remains high, this pool to draw future members from is facing ever-decreasing numbers.
  • It has resulted in stagnant membership growth that ebbs and flows from year to year, although high at the moment.
Interim Planning Report

Long Term Planning Committee


The Longer-Term Vision will:

  • Address all aspects that affect Sunset Villa's Mission statement
  • Recommendations will be proposed on a ‘when and if’ financial footing that does not risk the status quo.
  • Seek to respect existing stakeholders while providing an impetus for building membership under changing demographics.

Read the Interim Report

Click this link to open a PDF of the Interim Report. Here are the topics covered.

  • Organizational Structure
  • Zoning and Bylaws
  • Infrastructure
  • Membership
  • Volunteers
  • ​Residential Units
  • Campground
  • Facilities, Amenities and Benefits
  • Financial Forecasts & Projections
  • Timeline
  • ​Membership Input
Have your say

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We will post your comments here.


  • The preservation of the Danish heritage in Southern Ontario will form the underlying basis for these recommendations and build on the cultural and social aspects of Danish life that sustains this heritage and its appeal.
  • The Sunset Villa experience going forward seeks to validate the original purpose by presenting who and what we are to a wider demographic.
  • It honours the Danes who paved the way, took the chance to come to Canada and added a Danish element to this part of the world. “We are Danes in Canada” 
  • All components/aspects should satisfy a need of the Sunset Villa experience. Otherwise, it should be phased out.
  • The Sunset Villa experience should reflect Danish life – simple, clean, organized, fair, egalitarian, socially responsible, environmentally conscientious, small, artistic, deep history, Danish artifacts and symbols, achievements, positive world impact, one of the happiest countries in the world, understated, humanitarian, picturesque, and more.

About the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee was established by the Board of Directors in 2018 to investigate options for the long-term sustainability of Sunset Villa Assocation, on behalf of its Membership.

The Planning Committee is chaired by Hans Winther and consists of Sunset Villa Members,

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