April 5, 2020 Update:

In accordance with the latest update from the Ontario government of April 3, 2020, all seasonal campgrounds must close, as of 11:59 p.m. Sat. April 4, 2020. The closure is in effect for 14 days, with the possibility of an extension as the situation evolves. Therefore, Sunset Villa Campground is now closed. 

As a reminder, the government of Ontario is urging everyone to stay safe and stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. A State of Emergency is in effect in Ontario with substantial fines and/or consequences for individuals or corporations that fail to comply. 

It is our goal to open for the season, as planned on April 25, 2020, as long as it is safe and legal to do so. However, we cannot make any promises, because COVID-19, and regulations about it, change rapidly.

We hope to provide an update on opening by Apr 18, but we cannot guarantee opening and we will not make hurried, early decisions. We must assess our risk as an organization. 

If we do open, we will require signed waivers and agreements to abide by any changes in rules due to COVID-19 (quarantines, COVID-19 reporting, bonfires, social distancing, visiting campsites, and guests). There is no doubt about it; camping this year is not going to be like other years. Any measures will be implemented for safety. 

The Biffy: 

These washrooms will be closed until further notice. We simply cannot keep them clean enough to ensure your safety, and we will not take the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the communal washrooms. Additionally you cannot practice social distancing in these small rooms. Every trailer is required to have an operating toilet, and we are asking that you use yours. 

Campground/Membership fees:

No cash payments will be allowed this year. Please use cheque, e-transfer, Visa (5% fee) or money order. We will arrange for a way for you to obtain and sign the Camping contracts. Stay tuned. 

Campers returning from outside Canada: 
Campers returning to Canada must follow all Government of Canada rules. The Quarantine Act applies to anyone who has travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days. 
Returning travellers must self-isolate offsite before occupying their trailer at Sunset Villa.

Note: We will not be renting nightly space for tent or RV camping this year.  

TENTATIVE DATES - to be confirmed

  • Campers' Meeting            Cancelled
  • Campground Opens        Tentatively planned for April 25. To be confirmed by April 18.
  • Camp Fees due in full      May 2 - Cheque, e-transfer, Visa or Money order only

​Contact: Campground Director, Monica Jensen​
Email: campground.sunsetvilla@outlook.com

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COVID-19 Updates

Camping at Sunset Villa

This is a family-oriented Campground. ​Rules and regulations are in place to ensure peaceful enjoyment of the Campground.

All Campers are provided a copy of the Campground rules at the beginning of each season. Sunset Villa Association has the right to request any Camper or their Guests to leave the park/campgrounds if the rules are not followed. Standard laws (fire regulations, drinking regulations etc.) also apply and will be enforced.

General Rules/Notice to Campers:

  1. Any alteration to campers or campsite MUST be pre-approved by the Board.  Any alterations to the site without permission will be billable upon repair to the Camper who altered the site.
  2. We kindly ask that all recycling be taken with you upon leaving the grounds and that the site be left in the condition in which it was found.
  3. A garbage shed has been provided for Camper use, however we ask that it be contained within black garbage bags. Do not dump any garbage anywhere on the property.
  4. All trailers are required to have both smoke and CO detectors by law and must be in working order. Also proof of insurance is mandatory for liability and fire damage coverage.

Sunset Villa Association