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Open Air Cross Monument
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Sunset Mindepark Urn Cemetery

The Danish Urn Cemetery in Ontario   
(Lic # 4138897)


​​History and purpose of Sunset Mindepark-Ontario Danish Canadian Urn Cemetery

Our History

In 1989, some of the Danish Immigrant community in and around Toronto and Sunset Villa had an idea that the Danish Immigrants should have a cemetery. It was encouraged by the Danish churches in the area.

Sunset Villa Association offered to donate 1.03 Hectares to establish the cemetery.

The Mindepark was incorporated on Dec 10, 1990 as a Non-Profit Canadian Corporation with the purpose of operating an urn cemetery for the remains of people of Danish ancestry.

The Open Air Cross monument was unveiled in October, 1994.

"People of Danish ancestry" is defined as a person with at least one Danish ancestor and the spouse or common-law partner of a person with at least one Danish ancestor.
The cemetery currently has 445 double urn plots in the ground and 362 double urn Niches in the 5 Niche walls.

The grounds are lovingly maintained by a group of volunteers, who meet every Friday morning, cutting grass, weeding, planting watering, and trimming in order to keep it a beautiful final resting place for Danish Canadians.
Visitors are welcome.


Current costs are:

  • Rights to Interment for two urns in a Plot is $ 2,000.00
  • Niche is $ 3,000.00

Sales brochures, with an application form for purchase, are available at The Danish Place Restaurant.

Sunset Mindepark-Ontario is associated with Sunset Villa Association but not part of it: Membership in Sunset Villa Association is encouraged, but not mandatory in order to purchase Interment rights in Sunset Mindepark-Ontario Urn Cemetery. 

Chapel at Mindepark