Sunset Villa Association

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The Offer:

  • A turn-key operation
  • A quaint restaurant with a large patio/grass area for social distancing for a true European feel

  • Private accommodations for an owner operator if desired

  • Rooms for 3-4 boarders to supplement income

  • Established clientele

  • Must maintain a minimum of Sat and Sun 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. The first Sunday of every month our baker is onsite so a 10 a.m. start would be required.

  • Rent to be negotiated. Make an offer!

  • Reasonable / flexible terms - talk to us! We want to know what you think is needed to succeed during the pandemic!

  • Menu: There is room to change this, but must keep some key Danish items.  We are happy to show you some of the previous crowd favorites that you can put your own spin on.

The Board is open minded and wants to help you to succeed!

Please reach out to us at to talk about this opportunity!

Wanted: Independent Operator for our Danish Restaurant!

Be your own boss!

Sunset Villa seeks an entrepreneur who sees potential operating a Danish restaurant during Covid-19!