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Jan to April 2021 Bulletin
Sunset Villa Membership form
Sunset Villa Membership form

Baker's Sunday - Sun. June 13
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Hansen's Danish Bakery will have fresh Danish bread, pastries & imported Danish food.
  • The Sunset Villa Butik Gift shop will be open with Danish crafts & souvenirs.
  • Take-out food - Sunset Villa will be selling Danish hotdogs (Pølser) We will not have Smørrebrød this time.

​​Please wear a mask and keep a safe distance while visiting the club.

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Constitution Day - June 5th

Constitution Day honours the Danish Constitution, as both the the first constitution of 1849 and the current constitution of 1953 were signed on June 5 of their respective years.

In a usual year, we celebrate Constitution Day.& Danish heritage on this weekend at Sunset Villa. For the second year in a row, COVID-19 has made it impossible for us to come together and celebrate. We are hopeful that taking these precautions for these past 2 years will make it possible for us to continue the celebration for the years to come.​​

Restaurant Operator wanted

Just a reminder we are looking for a new Restaurant Entrepreneur to continue offering Danish cuisine at Sunset Villa. Click here to learn more about the Restaurant opportunity.

Experience Denmark in Ontario 

Danish club celebrating Danish traditions & hygge in Toronto, Golden Horsehoe & Southern Ontario since 1950.


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