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Fastelavn 2021

In an ordinary year, we would be celebrating Fastelavn on Sunday, Feb. 14, as we have in many years past. 

Fastelavn is a uniquely Scandinavian event preceding the start of Lent. In Denmark, Fastelavn is a bit like Halloween - Kids dress up and knock on doors, they sing a song that if they don’t get Fastelavnboller (a delicious custard fill bun) they will cause trouble, and they Beat the Barrel. Danes used to put a real black cat in a barrel and beat it until the cat ran away, to safeguard against bad luck. 

In years past at Sunset Villa, volunteers built 2 or 3 barrels called Fastelavnstønde, we then filled with candy and a cat doll. Kids (of all ages) swung until the barrel was broken and candy spilled out. We would crown the King and Queen of Cats. Then we would warm up with hot chocolate and treats and decorate twigs (Fastelavnsris). Lastly, the kids would parade to show off their Fastelavnsris and costumes. Hope to do this again next year.

Save the Date!​- Sun. May 30, 2021

We are planning to hold our Annual Members' Meeting (AGM) on May 30th. As we are uncertain what COVID19 regulations will be in place at the end of May, we will finalize the meeting format (Virtual or in-person meeting) closer to the date.

Members are encouraged to get involved.

Restaurant Operator wanted

Just a reminder we are looking for a new Restaurant Entrepreneur to continue offering Danish cuisine at Sunset Villa. Click here to learn more about the Restaurant opportunity.

Experience Denmark in Ontario 

Danish club celebrating Danish traditions & hygge in Toronto, Golden Horsehoe & Southern Ontario since 1950.

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Sunset Villa Entrance

Baker's Sunday

Sun. Mar. 7, 2021

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

Hansen's Bakery will have Danish breads, pastries (while supplies last), candies and Danish imports available. Visit them under Apt. 9. Pay by cash or cheque.

We will be selling Danish hot dogs (Pølser) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pølservogn, the Danish Hotdog Stand. Please note, we will not have Smørrebrød available this Sunday. 

The Butik Gift Shop will be open with Danish gift items.

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