​​​​​​Thank you to those who contributed to our GoFundMe campaign to keep a Danish Restaurant at Sunset Villa.

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Sunset Villa's Restaurant - The Danish Place

Frequently Asked Questions


Who receives the funds raised?

All funds raised will be direct-deposited into the General Account of Sunset Villa Association.

Who is managing funds release?
The Board of Directors for Sunset Villa Association.

What will the funds be used for?

All proceeds will be used in an attempt to save the restaurant as they have incurred debt independent of Sunset Villa due to the COVID pandemic and are currently not allowed to open and it does not appear it will be economically viable as a result for the remainder of the year. Initially, there will be an offer to assist with debt reduction accumulated over the first half of this year. Additional assistance will be offered from the pool of donated funds to help with overhead until such time as the restaurant industry returns to somewhat normal

​What happens if the restaurant doesn’t re-open?
The Board has also discussed this option and should The Danish Place cease operations, the funds raised will be used to purchase all chattels and equipment inside the restaurant, effectively Buying-out the three current owners so that Sunset Villa will own a turn-key operation and begin a search for a new owner and / or proprietor.

Timing of funds release
This campaign is scheduled to run quickly for fourteen days, ending on June 1st. At this time, the results of these efforts will be measured and funds released by the authority of the Board as needed, based on which scenario of going forward plays out. There are a lot of variables yet to be figured out but step one was, we needed funds in order to be able to plan actions steps in one way or the other.​

What happens if we don’t raise $150K
Again, we are going to have to cross that bridge when we get there. Until we know what the success level is for this campaign, we cannot make concrete decisions on moving forward with the exception of the fact that one way or another, a restaurant must remain an integral part of our Club.e decisions on moving forward with the exception of the fact that one way or another, a restaurant must remain an integral part of our Club.

What if the Restaurant is able to open this year and there are left over funds?
Even if they can reopen, many high revenue generating functions have already been lost due to Covid-19. Constitution Day, Baker Sunday’s, two fall weddings have been cancelled and large gatherings for Anniversaries and Birthdays, all gone. While the day to day business keeps the business afloat, it is these major events and functions where the business profit is found. We expect that even once reopen, additional assistance for the balance of the 2020 calendar year will be required, hence the size of the GoFundMe ask.​

Why is The Danish Place not offering Take-Out?
As we have mentioned many times, the financial health of The Danish Place is dire. On the advice of both their Accountants and Financial Planners, they were instructed to close their doors for good on May 31st to minimize their losses. Obviously when the situation is that far gone after five (5) months of zero revenue, selling some sandwiches on a weekend is akin to the proverbial drop the bucket. IT IS OUR INTENT TO PROVIDE ENOUGH FUNDS TO REVERSE THAT DECISION AND KEEP THE DANISH PLACE ALIVE!

Have they applied for Government Assistance?
While they do qualify for a $40,000 Government LOAN, it is after all simply another loan. To add that amount to an already existing considerable operational debt is not fiscally sound and puts them at risk of possibly losing their family homes. Utilizing the government debt program at this point is not viable. As circumstances evolve we can only manage by fact and re-evaluate the situation.

Has Sunset Villa Applied for Rent Relief?
The Landlord Tenant rent relief program is administered through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation or CMHC. It is only there to help those Landlords that need to collect their rent to offset a corresponding Mortgage payment. Sunset Villa is a Non-Profit Organization and as such, can not have a mortgage and therefore does not qualify for this program. In doing our part, Sunset Villa has forgone any rent payments owed by The Danish Place for both April and May 1st.

Can I make a donation by Check instead of GoFundMe?

Yes, you definitely can. Please make the cheque payable to Sunset Villa Association - with a notation of Restaurant Fundraiser. Our mail address is: #11 - 7150 Concession 1, Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0

Thank you for your consideration and assistance. 

Please don't hesitate to contact Eric Skovsgaard, Fundraising Director if you have any questions.

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