Sunset Villa Association

Your attendance is not only greatly appreciated but required.

We can't do this without you! 

Sunset Villa Membership form

Please renew your 2020 Membership in advance to help start the meeting on time. 

​​​Call for 2020 Board of Directors nominations

  • The Board of Sunset Villa Association consists of 9 directors, elected by Sunset Villa Association Members. 
  • Elections: President, Treasurer, 4 Director positions. 
  • If the future of Sunset Villa is important to you and your family, please consider joining the Board as a Director or Committee Member. Learn more about Joining the Board.
  • If you can't attend in person, you can still participate by completing a Proxy form below.

The Annual General Meeting is on hold.

We are required to hold an AGM within 6 months of our year end (i.e: by June 30, 2020), however we are certain that Sunset Villa would never be fined for missing the deadline under these exceptional circumstances.

We are also investigating electronic ways to hold the meeting (online and/or by phone), and online voting, but this may not be feasible. We will communicate a plan when we have one. 

Meeting Documents

Documents will be mailed to Members once the new meeting date is decided, including Agenda, 2019 Financial Report, Proxy & Board Nomination forms.

2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

COVID-19 Postponements